Biomet currently has employed two Co-Op students who are preparing for careers in the business world. Jonathan Hofer works for Vickie Woods in the HR Department, where he is responsible for recording and updating training records for employees. Thanks, Vickie and Herb!

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WACC WBL Co-Op student Jordan Greenburg is a member of the Warsaw Ziebart store, which was awarded North American Dealer of the Year for the second year in a row. Jordan is learning from the best!

Quinn Smith aspires to be a dentist/orthodontist, and Dr. Myers and staff are giving him the opportunity to pursue this dream each day. Quinn is able to prepare for his future hands-on through the WACC Work-Based Learning Co-Op program. Learning and safety are a premium at the office. Quinn has the privilege of learning from Dr. Myers's first Co-Op student, Riley, who is still employed at the office. Thanks for your commitment to student learning, Dr. Myers and staff!

Tristyn Tenney, WACC Work-Based Learning Co-Op student, is pursuing his future plans to become a mechanic by working at the WCS Transportation Department. Thanks for teaching our students with hands-on experience! He also is able to complete online training to further his education now!

Honors Accounting 1 learning about debits and credits while participating in a group. Debit=left, credit = right!

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