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Warsaw Community Schools in collaboration with Whitko, Wawasee, and Tippecanoe Valley High School is excited to introduce the Kosciusko Work Ethic Certificate!  This is a new award available to Kosciusko County Class of 2019 students.
A Work Ethic Certificate honors students who display that they are future-ready; no matter what their future plan is!  Students earning this prestigious award will be recognized in some distinguished way at graduation, receive a certificate signed by the governor, and be eligible for a variety of incentives pledged by our industry partners.
A rubric, created in partnership with local employers, that focuses on attendance, behavior, grades, as well as soft skills such as the ability to work with others, follow-through on tasks, respectfulness, etc. will be used to determine if the student has received the award.

Registration is now open to students and approximately 80 Warsaw High School seniors are on track to earning this award. We are still looking for more industry partners to get involved!  If you are interested or have questions, please contact Jill Jackson- Assistant Director, Warsaw Area Career Center via email at or by phone 574-371-5074 ext. 2105.

The Warsaw Area Career Center is seeking YOUR help to find women in non-traditional careers for our 2018 Non-Traditional Employment for Women Workshop on Thursday, November 1st located in Syracuse, IN. 

Did you know that in partnership with the Wawasee Area Career & Technical Cooperative, our Career Center organizes and hosts a Non-Traditional Employment for Women Workshop for over 200 local sophomore females from six area high schools? This workshop is an exciting opportunity for young women from the area high schools to see the possibilities for their future with a career that each may not have thought about or known was available to them. The purpose of the workshop is to expand the career possibilities for young women to consider and hopefully find one that is of interest. Information presented will include education and training, typical workday, work environment, wage information, employment forecast, and advantages for women in these occupations. Hands-on experience through “try-it” activities where you can actually experience differentHands-on experience through “try-it” activities where you can actually experience different career opportunities. Build a toolbox, do a TV weather report, do a radio broadcast interview, take apart a computer, dress like a firefighter and crawl thru an obstacle course, weld a souvenir, etc.

We already have over 40 amazing speakers from non-traditional careers that take time out of their busy schedules to spend a day sharing what neat things they do with our students, but we are always looking for more women to be a part of our workshop. (A non-traditional occupation for women is one in which women comprise 25% or less of total employment for that field.) This is where we need your help! 
We are seeking help finding women in the following careers (including but not limited to):

Agriculture Careers: Farmers, Ag Managers, Tree trimming Specialists
Construction Trades Careers: Brickmasons, Stonemasons, Plumbing Specialists, Surveying & Mapping Technicians, Landscaping Workers, Painters, Roofers
Engineering Careers: Aerospace Engineers, Automotive/Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineering, Machinists, Welders
Other Careers: HVAC Technicians, Train Conductors, DNR Officers, Politician, Barber

If you or someone you know might be interested in participating in our workshop as a female in a non-traditional career, please pass this information along to them and/or have them contact Gabi Wall at 574-371-5074 ext. 2503 or by email at

Thank you for helping to inspire & impact young women in our community!!

Interested in a part-time job?! The Warsaw Area Career Center is hiring a Blue Apron Assistant. See the job description below & apply at!
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This summer the WACC Foods & Nutrition Lab was completely renovated and we are excited to show you the finished product!

Mr. Morr's Welding technology students are already hard at work this semester. Pictured is Braden Aragon fixing an aluminum truck box & other students making new bike racks and painting them for Lincoln Elementary. 

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