Sandy Carmichael

Sandy Carmichael

I am proud to be a teacher at Warsaw Community High School and the Warsaw Area Career Center. I have been in education 34 years spending time both in the classroom and as a guidance counselor. Encouraging young people to reach their full potential and plan for a successful future is a passion for me.

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Students in the first year Culinary Arts program celebrate everything they have learned this year. Erik, a senior earned his Blue Jacket by continual improvement in all areas and looks forward to a career in Culinary Arts.

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Culinary Art students learn fire safety skills from Warsaw Firefighters. Preventing and controlling kitchen fires is critical, especially when working in a restaurant setting.

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Recycled Projects: Advanced Fashion and Textile students are using old shirt or jeans to make quilts for their college dorms or loved ones.

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Blue Apron Culinary students invited residents from Millers Merry Manor to join them for Cheesecake and Memories. The students interviewed residents after serving cheesecake and asked questions that included Holiday traditions, how/where food was purchased, how far they traveled to dine out, favorite restaurants, (Flagpole was a consensus,) life cycle nutrition, fast food restaurants, and many more. Jerusha, an Advanced Culinary Arts student organized the visit.

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Students in Preparing for College & Careers express what they have learned about themselves by creatively designing a poster including their lifestyle, personality, skills and interests.

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