Principles of Business Management classes successfully worked as a team and executed a recycling project. WACC students sorted and weighed 1,200 pounds of plastic lids & caps for Rudy's Dog Park. These three benches are now located at the dog park. The classes are still at work on sorting and weighing plastic for three more benches for Madison Elementary and Leesburg Elementary. A big thank you to Rudy's Dog Park for supplying most of the plastic. We also thank Marc Huffer for his classroom space. 

Education Professions class took a road trip to Ball State University on September 29. The BSU Teachers College hosted a conference for students interested in becoming teachers. It was an awesome day!

Advanced Marketing and Principles of Business Management classes attended a field trip to Ball State University in September. The Miller College of Business hosted 37 students. Students experienced majors including Social Media, Logistics, and Marketing. Lunch was provided for us by the H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling. WACC students enjoyed talking to business majors while eating lunch. A campus tour concluded our BSU experience. Each year the students return with positive comments and encourage Mrs. Ross, Mr. Clark, & Ms. McCreery to return to Ball State University the following year with students.
Accounting I students practice their journalizing skills while playing Monopoly. Journal entries will be entered using Automated Accounting software to complete the accounting cycle. Who will emerge as the class tycoon?

If you are thinking about a business major in college, Accounting is a required part of any college curriculum. Sign up for Accounting next year!

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Teams of students performed production runs to determine what makes for effective assembly line production, along with how working conditions effect results. Class data is utilized to determine run results and research is assigned to support their findings. A final report is submitted by each team with class discussion to compare outcomes.
Students are in the Principles of Business Management class.
Teachers: Mr. Clark and Ms. McCreery.

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