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Some of our Warsaw Area Career Center Cosmetology students attended the America's Beauty Show in Chicago, IL. on 3/27/17. Aside from having a fantastic time, these young women learned about various styling products and the best uses for them depending on which hair issue they're tackling. They felt the techniques they saw and were shown will be beneficial to apply to their in class instruction. Many of them expressed that a couple of days at the event would have given them more time to see and learn so much more. We are all so excited to see these students excel and apply their skills to their clients needs. 

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On Thursday March 30th, Warsaw Area Career Center sent 50 students to participate at the Purdue Engineering Expo, a competition where students learn about the engineering field and demonstrate their engineering prowess. Throughout the event students had to design a tower made of straws capable of holding a 3 lb satellite and a foam roller coaster with the most design elements needed to simulate an intense space journey. Warsaw demonstrated their design skills nabbing 2 of 4 possible design awards (highest design and most unique elements) and taking 3rd place in the overall competition.

Warsaw Area Career Center took 3rd Place out of 53 teams.

Additional Awards:

Highest Design Challenge Score
Most Unique Roller coaster Element
Advanced Fashion Textile Students had fun with Sweatshirt Construction! These students worked on a personal construction project making their own sweaters. They altered them to fit their unique style needs. 
Fashion & Textile students learn the differences in woven and knitted fabrics by weaving and knitting their own fabric. The joy of learning!! "Do we have to leave class???"

Our Family & Consumer Science Advisory Group enjoyed two excellent--national qualifier presentations from this year's FCCLA members. They are amazing representatives of our department and FCCLA. The group also discussed steps we will take to continue to improve our FACS program.

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