Mrs. Heinsman’s Honors Introduction to Accounting students had the opportunity to celebrate a recent testing achievement yesterday morning, in addition to hearing from a special guest speaker.

These students were rewarded with a chai, hot chocolate, and cookies party because they worked so diligently to score almost all A’s on a huge test- no one scored below a B+!

Former WCHS/WACC Valedictorian (Class of 2015) and current finance student at Indiana University, Jake Mangas, shared an encouraging & inspiring message with the students about his experiences in school & in the business world.

Congrats to these accounting students and special thanks to Jake for stopping by to visit us!!

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Advanced Accounting students in Mrs. Heinsman's class celebrated a huge accomplishment this morning by having a Chai Tea Party! These students all scored over 85% on their recent journalizing test. Out of 19 students, 18 of them received an A! Congratulations and great job everyone!
The students also enjoyed a hot chocolate and donut bar! Special thanks to our guests that joined in the celebration: Dr. David Hoffert, WCS Superintendent, WACC Director/Principal, Ronna Kawsky, WACC Assistant Director, Jill Jackson, Junior Class Principal, Angela Huffman, and Senior Class Principal, Ben Barkey.

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Accounting I students practice their journalizing skills while playing Monopoly. Journal entries will be entered using Automated Accounting software to complete the accounting cycle. Who will emerge as the class tycoon?

If you are thinking about a business major in college, Accounting is a required part of any college curriculum. Sign up for Accounting next year!

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Honors Introduction to Accounting Students are applying their knowledge of the accounting cycle by playing Monopoly and journalizing transactions. Some are getting a bit competitive with each other! Applying their knowledge is important!

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Bob Vitoux recently spoke with Honors Advanced Financial Services students, sharing his expertise in the area of accounting and finance. He provided excellent information to the students regarding how to maximize their collegiate experience to position them for their futures in the area of business, and he emphasized development of relationships along the way. He stressed the importance of accountants and financial services people developing as business partners in order to impact a business positively. His shared practical experience was appreciated by the students!  (He also showed us the "new knee" that is being marketed from Biomet!) Thanks, Bob!

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