Mrs. Tiede's Advanced Child Development students had a great time not only practicing using the car seats this morning, but also preparing for their opportunity to take the babies home sometime soon.

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Students in Ms. Tiede's 5th period Advanced Child Development class recently earned their Child Development Certificate from the Indiana State Career & Technical Education Board. Congrats ladies!

Pictured are:
Stephanie Enciso
Carrie Endicott
Miranda Hoyt
Diana Limon
Sara Linton
Natalie Locke
Tiffany Moore
Dulce Ortiz
Kachelle Robinson
Kyla Smith
Chloe Smith
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Students in Ms. Tiede's Child Development classes are utilizing the RealCare Baby Infant Simulators this week. These simulators offer real-life experiences that address prenatal education, childcare skills, infant safety, and more. Yesterday, the students were practicing responding to the different coo's & cries that the simulators make.

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Ms. Dian's Child Development students had the opportunity to wear the Empathy Belly this morning during 1st Period. "The Empathy Belly" Pregnancy Simulator allows the students to feel what it's like to be pregnant and has proven to be a highly effective, unique, and powerful teaching tool. Students who wore the belly had to try to maneuver around with the extra 30 pounds attached to them. They practiced going up and down the stairs, tying shoes, picking things up off the floor, and attempting to become comfortable with pillows while laying down. The students then did several activities focusing on the care of an infant by using QR codes to watch videos on their iPads.

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FACS students are off to a great start--learning new skills and planning for the future.
Advanced Child Development students practice child care by working with baby simulators.
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