Students in Mr. Riley's Advanced Life Science: Animals class recently used different shapes of noodles to make the skeletons of an animal they chose. The students had to use a specific amount of noodles as well as label each bone individually. Great job everyone! 

Mr. Riley's Advanced Life Science Animals class dissected swine hearts last week. Check out the awesome pictures below of them exploring the different structures within the heart. Fun fact: Did you know that pig hearts are very similar in size & structure to human hearts?! 

Mr. Riley's Advanced Life & Animal Science students have been learning about anatomy recently and had the opportunity to dissect pigs this week.

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Ms. Carrell's Plant & Soil Science students participated in an experiment yesterday that helped teach them about pesticides and how easily they can become harmful when not used properly. Three students were given plastic gloves to wear and then had whipped cream sprayed into their hands. The whipped cream was to represent a pesticide and the girls were instructed to rub their hands together in order to coat the gloves in the cream. Ms. Carrell then asked them to remove the gloves but with no other instructions other than to throw them away. Once the gloves were removed, their hands were examined for any residual whipped cream and trace amounts were found. Ms. Carrell explained the importance of being careful when using pesticides as they are so harmful to the skin and very easily spread when used. 

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Yesterday students in Mr. Riley's Animal Science class had the opportunity to dissect sheep kidneys!

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