WCHS/WACC students had the opportunity to sign up for an enrichment workshop of their choice this afternoon. Fun activities around the school included: cha-cha dance lessons, doggy dates, giant board games, Battleship & snacks, build your own bird feeder, no-bake cookies, knitting, adult coloring pages, girl talk, cards & cookies, dutch blitz, strategic card games, mason jar decorating, Dirty Jobs movie marathon, Escape the School, and much more! Special thanks to the teachers & staff who helped make this event possible! 

If you are planning to attend Ivy Tech Community College this year, then you won't want to miss this event! At Express Enrollment on May 17th, you will be able to meet with financial aid, talk with an advisor, register for classes, and more. Contact Warsaw campus Associate Director of Admissions, Kathy Kurosky at, with any questions.
Ivy Tech Community College of Warsaw has invited our students to explore the options they have to offer at their "GO IVY Day," May 16th from 9am-12pm. Learn about their programs, meet the staff, explore the campus, and get details on financial aid. Contact Kathy Kurosky at for more information and to RSVP. 
Yesterday WCHS & WACC Juniors and Seniors went live with Ivy Tech Community College- Warsaw during their enrichment period! Ivy Tech staff, professors, and current students shared a great amount of information about the classes, programs, and other opportunities they have to offer- right here in Warsaw! Be sure to not only check out their Facebook Page: Ivy Tech Community College - Warsaw as well as the additional links and the replay of the live video provided below.

Students from Tippecanoe Valley Middle School had the opportunity to tour the Warsaw Area Career Center yesterday afternoon. Our Assistant Director, Jill Jackson, gave them a glimpse into each of the programs offered here starting with the Welding & Precision Machining program at Lakeview Middle School and ending with a visit to the Blue Apron Restaurant. Students were also able to visit the Agriculture Department to plant seeds and taste a yummy treat from our culinary arts students. Special thanks not only to our specials guests, but also to Mrs. Jackson for planning & giving this tour and to our teachers who opened up their classrooms to our visitors.

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