Blue Apron Specials for 4/19-4/28/16

Chef Special:  Chicken Piccata- Sauteed Caper and Lemon Chicken Cutlet, seasoned with thyme and garlic. On a bed of Orzo Rice Pilaf with a side of buttered Asparagus. $6

Chef Special Soup: Split Pea Soup- Split Peas soaked in a pork-enriched broth with bacon and ham. Along with a small assortment of veggies. $2 cup/3 bowl

Dessert Special:
 Raspberry cream cheese Coffee Cake- A golden brown crust with a cream cheese filling infused with raspberry preserves and topped with roasted sliced almonds. $4

Box Lunch:
Pepper Bacon  BLT Sandwich with Avocado and Roasted Yellow Tomatoes
Granny and Fuji Apple Salad prepared with nonfat yogurt and a hint of honey
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
House Chips 
Ice Mountain Bottled Water

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Blue Apron CLOSED April 1st-April 19th, 2016

Have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break! 
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Blue Apron Specials Beginning 3/22/16 & Ending 3/31/16

Chef Entre Special: An authentic Greek specialty containing savory sautéed mushrooms backed into pita dough, served with roasted roma tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic, oregano, and breadcrumbs, and a traditional combination of rice and chickpeas in a tomato base with a hint of cinnamon and dill spices to take you to the heart of Athens. $7

Dessert Special: Greek Bread Pudding $4 

Chef Special Salad: Greek Salad with Tri Blend Lettuces chock full of vegetables tossed with Red Wine Vinaigrette $4Full/$3Half

Box Lunch:
Multigrain Club Wrap with Ham Turkey Bacon Lettuce Tomato Cheese & Ranch
Macaroni Salad
Chocolate Chip Cookie
House Chips
Ice Mountain Water

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Blue Apron Chef Specials for 3/7/16-3/17/16

Chef Special: Mussel Cioppino- A classic take on an elegant dish. Prepared with a garlic and parsley infused linguine and tossed with an incredible broth of tomatoes and seafood stock topped with Atlantic Mussels. $7

Chef Special Soup:
Clam Chowder- A rich cream soup with clams, bacon, and traditional seasonings straight from New England. $3Cup/$4Bowl

Chef Special Dessert:
Cheesecake Trio- Three bite size New York style cheesecakes individually topped with a Strawberry Coulis, Mallow cream, and turtle sauce. $5

Box Lunch:
Chicken Salad Croissant
Minted Cucumber and Chick Pea Salad with Garbanzo Beans
Outrageous Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Ice Mountain Water

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Blue Apron Chef Specials 2/23-3/3

Chef Special: Swedish Meatballs. Beef and pork hand made meatballs served with egg noodles topped with beef gravy and a traditional side of Lingonberry jam and fresh buttery broccoli spears. $6

Chef Soup: Cabbage soup. A healthful stew of braised cabbage and potatoes served in a herb chicken stock. $2Cup/$3Bowl

Chef Dessert: Princess cake. Sponge cake with a fine crumb and vanilla pastry cream. $3

Express Box Lunch: Turkey, bacon, and cheddar tucked inside a hearty whole grain bread with an avocado mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Also included are house chips, smashed red potato salad, chocolate chip brownie, and Ice Mountain water. $7

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