Advanced Marketing and Principles of Business Management classes attended a field trip to Ball State University in September. The Miller College of Business hosted 37 students. Students experienced majors including Social Media, Logistics, and Marketing. Lunch was provided for us by the H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling. WACC students enjoyed talking to business majors while eating lunch. A campus tour concluded our BSU experience. Each year the students return with positive comments and encourage Mrs. Ross, Mr. Clark, & Ms. McCreery to return to Ball State University the following year with students.
Advanced Accounting students in Mrs. Heinsman's class celebrated a huge accomplishment this morning by having a Chai Tea Party! These students all scored over 85% on their recent journalizing test. Out of 19 students, 18 of them received an A! Congratulations and great job everyone!
The students also enjoyed a hot chocolate and donut bar! Special thanks to our guests that joined in the celebration: Dr. David Hoffert, WCS Superintendent, WACC Director/Principal, Ronna Kawsky, WACC Assistant Director, Jill Jackson, Junior Class Principal, Angela Huffman, and Senior Class Principal, Ben Barkey.

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Briana Kelley is thriving in her internship at Humanity and Hope. She is planning to go to Honduras in November with board members and executives. We are very excited to see what else she'll accomplish this year!
The 2016-2017 internship class tested their team working skills before going out to their internship. The students used spaghetti, string, tape, and one marshmallow to build the highest tower they could. They will apply these team work skills in their internship to be the best intern they can be.
On Friday, August 19, 2016, 32 WACC Work-Based Learning Co-Op students, led by Angie Heinsman and Dave Clark, and 81 Washington STEM Academy sixth graders, led by Nicole Ryman, Patrick Hazelton, and Rebecca Dawson, collaborated in an activity called the Marshmallow Challenge.  They were tasked with creating the tallest, freestanding structure using only 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yard of string, 1 yard of masking tape, and a jumbo marshmallow.  They had 18 minutes to complete the challenge in multi-age groups.  The room was abuzz with activity during the 18-minute work time given to complete the task.  Students used trial and error, along with prototyping in order to achieve the highest structure.  Some experienced successed, and others learned the meaning of not YET.  Research shows that typically the best performances come from engineers and kindergartners.  That research proved to be true as our winning group included Mallory Hooks, who is in WBL Co-Op following an engineering pathway.  The instructors were really proud of the collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills shown by the students.

The Winners are shown below, with a structure of 23 3/4" high:  Mallory Hooks, WACC, Liana Dunkel, Angelica Garcia, Abigail Parcels, and Alexis Vargas, Washington STEM Academy

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