Utilizing seven different ways to make pumpkin bread, Culinary students experimented using healthier ingredients and recipes. With only 1 recipe containing the typical ingredients, six other recipes were used to make healthier options like gluten free, cholesterol free, egg free and low fat. After these were all created they then got to do some taste testing. YUM! Starting with the healthier options first, they then made their way through all seven to the typical ingredient version last. This experiment proved that to most when not tasting something packed with the sugars first and instead substituting with healthier ingredients they taste the same! 

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Chef Zach has put together some of the best ingredients rolled into one burger. This Blue Apron special very well may satisfy just about any burger lovers palate with a:
A juicy, grilled cheeseburger glazed with barbecue sauce, topped with crisp bacon and served with a side of steak fries.
This special will be available until Thursday, March 30th. 

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Students in both Ms. Dinse's & Mrs. Carmichaels' classes hosted a Post-Secondary Education Fair in their Preparing for College & Careers classes yesterday. The students researched post-secondary education options, designed posters based on what they found, and then wore their favorite collegiate attire as well. Great job students!!

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Students in Ms. Tiede's Advanced Fashion & Textiles class are starting to cut out patterns and choose fabrics to make their own sweatshirts soon.

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Last Friday, 2nd Graders from Washington STEM Academy had the opportunity to visit the Blue Apron and use the herbs they grew in their hydroponic garden to make orecchiette pasta with Italian sausage & rapini.

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