Fashion & Textile students learn the differences in woven and knitted fabrics by weaving and knitting their own fabric. The joy of learning!! "Do we have to leave class???"

Students in Ms. Tiede's Advanced Fashion & Textiles class are starting to cut out patterns and choose fabrics to make their own sweatshirts soon.

These students joined Mrs. Carmichael and Mrs. Heagy during last Thursday's enrichment to knit.  Several know how to knit and worked on current projects; others learned to knit.  There are so many benefits to knitting and it is a joy to be with those who love to knit! Their time together went way too fast!!

Students in Ms. Tiede's Advanced Fashion & Textiles class recently designed and constructed wallets. They each picked out their own fabrics and created them to look very similar to Vera Bradley wallets, complete with an ID holder. The wallets are beautiful and the students did such an excellent job!

Mrs. Carmichael's second semester Fashion & Textiles students have done a wonderful job creating a pillowcase.  Each pillowcase reflects the student's creativity and personality.  Great job on your first project students!!!

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