Students have learned a lot in the final project this semester--Pajama pants!  This has been such a great semester of learning together.  One  student said, "I want to learn as many skills as I can while I am in high school."  Awesome attitude!!  Mrs. Carmichael has really enjoyed her students and their desire to learn this semester in Fashion & Textiles!
Students in Fashion & Textiles continue to learn new skills and practice existing skills. Mrs. Carmichael is so proud of the excellent attention to detail and work exhibited in these projects. With these skills, students can create bags of any size and for any occasion or use!

Check out Mrs. Carmichael's teacher webpage for more information about the projects they are working on and for the pattern to make your own drawstring bag!

Mrs. Carmichael's Teacher Webpage

Fashion & Textile students learn how fabric is made by knitting and weaving projects of their own. 
Students in Mrs. Carmichael's Fashion & Textiles class are currently make their own pajama pants. The students are experimenting with different types of material as some are using flannel and some jersey knit. Can't wait to see the finished project!

Intro to Fashion and Textiles students are working hard to finish up the drawstring bags they have been creating. Mrs. Heagy also stopped by again today to help more with students learning to knit.

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