Fashion & Textile students continue to improve in their knowledge and skills in sewing by making pin cushions. These will be used throughout the remainder of the course and then in their own sewing in the future.

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This week students are learning to knit. A big "Thank you!" shout out to Warsaw's very own Geri Heagy, who shared her expertise and passion for knitting.

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Our Fashion & Textiles students have certainly been working hard to continue sharpening their sewing skills. Currently they are working on microwave pot holders as well as pin cushions.

Interested in making these projects yourself? Be sure to check out Mrs. Carmichael's teacher webpage for the tutorials and more!

Mrs. Carmichael's Teacher Webpage

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Mrs. Carmichael's Fashion and Textile students are learning to sew. Their first project, a pillowcase, was a huge success! Lots of new skills, following instructions, and problem solving are being learned and demonstrated!

Pictured below are each of the students proudly holding their individual pillowcases. Don't they look awesome!? Great job everyone!

Interested in learning how to make a pillowcase of your own or want to know what other fun projects this class has been up to? Check out Mrs. Carmichael's teacher webpage right here on our website.

Mrs. Carmichael's Fashion & Textiles Class Webpage

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Fashion & Textiles students learn about the sewing machine and are excited to learn to sew. Stay tuned for pictures of their work! Exciting times! #WCSmission #F&T

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