Under the direction of firefighter & instructor, Max Kinsey, our fire rescue students have been working hard to learn new skills- including basement rescue drills. 

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Fire Rescue student’s inspect fire hose. Students are using learned techniques to determine if the hoses are suitable or unsuitable for service. Hose must pass an annual certification process.

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Fire Rescue students toured downtown Warsaw with Aaron Bolinger of Warsaw Wayne Territory Fire Department. Students research and studied various building construction types, fire loads, and how structures are compromised when under fire distress.

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Fire Rescue students train using ladders. The students learn maintenance, use, and safety of ladder operation in relation to the fire service.

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Fire Rescue student’s complete Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations practicals. Practicals include semi-truck tanker spill identification and clean-up, decontamination of a person, chemical identification and clean-up, pressurized tank BLEVE prevention, rolling, banking, and raining foam applications.

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