Mrs. Lancaster's Interpersonal Relationships classes took part in an obstacle course recently. Each student group was faced with doing each task together- but one member had a disability like being blindfolded or not being able to speak. This activity helped them setting goals based on possible disabilities that can hinder outcomes. 

Students from Ms. Dinse's 3rd period Interpersonal Relationships class played charades today to go along with the topic they are currently discussing: Dating!

Students in Ms. Dinse's Interpersonal Relationships classes participated in the Operation Christmas Child community service project this week. These students collected goodies and money to send several shoe boxes to boys and girls around the world for them to open on Christmas. All of our shoe boxes will have a tracking number linked to them so that our students (and staff) can see where they ended up. Thanks to all of our students for participating in such an awesome project!

For more information about Operation Christmas Child, please visit:

Operation Christmas Child

Ms. Dinse's students practiced using verbal and non-verbal forms of communication today during 3rd period. The students were given a bag full of random small items including a paper clip, various sizes of paper, an eraser, etc. They were paired together with their backs against each other. One student used eight items to design a scene and then tried to communicate with their partner on how to mirror the creation. The students learned pretty quickly the importance of being thorough and descriptive with their communication in order to effectively relay the message to their partner. Once they got the hang of it, they did an awesome job- even after creating intricate designs!

Ms. Dinse's Interpersonal Relationships students created masks today to depict their individual emotions.  Many used their iPads to find ideas and examples, as well.

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