Mrs. Tiede's Advanced Nutrition & Wellness class made Pumpkin Rolls yesterday. Students learned new skills and the importance of nutrition. A great class to take for students that loved the first Nutrition & Wellness class!!

Last week Ms. Bassett's Nutrition & Wellness students participated in a bonding/ice-breaking activity as they began a new semester here at WCHS. The students worked together to build their gingerbread houses together and won awards for most creative & best team work. 

Ms. Bassett's 6th period Nutrition & Wellness students invited their families in today as they prepared and presented a wonderful meal to them in celebration of the end of the semester.

Students in Miss Bassett's Nutrition & Wellness class were busy making all different kinds pancakes last week.

Ms. Tiede's Advanced Nutrition & Wellness students competed in "Cupcake Wars" yesterday. The students incorporated various sweeteners, such as honey, splenda, maple syrup, and agave nectar, to flavor their cupcakes. The judges included WACC staff Jill Jackson & Diana Yarian. Students were critiqued not only on the creativity of their design as well as the flavors used. Don't they look delicious?!

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