Welding students practicing new skills.
In the main cover image is Omar beginning to practice his SMAW welds and doing great.
Below image one is Erik beginning to program our new CNC Plasma table. And in image two is Kameron President of the Local HSW (High School Welders) Union demonstrating the proper way to take a morning break. Kameron says "I take break for an hour, on the hour every hour".

Senior lady tigers Cheyenne Keene and Allissa Brower completed a custom hitch grill in Welding class. 

Allissa Brower stated: "This goes to shows that welding just isn't for the guys, girls can do anything the guys can. Maybe even better."
Denver Phelps a student in our Advanced Welding class earned the first certification of the year. He completed his GMAW certification on his first attempt! Fantastic work Denver!  

Beginning Welding Students learn about welding in actual weather conditions. We took advantage of the cold but sunny day to set up some outdoor welding fun.

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Welding Instructor, Jeremiah Paseka, discusses the importance of welding in robotics. Lakeview students see and experience the art of welding.

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