2018 Tiger Way Convo

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2018 Tiger Way Convo
Yesterday WCHS/WACC hosted the 2018 Tiger Way Convo in the Tiger Den to honor both students & staff on a successful 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations to our 105 WACC Academy Graduates, as shown below. 

WACC Academy Graduates are as follows:

Joseph Anderson Engineering
Kyler Bartol Biomedical
Dylan Beiler Management & Marketing
Alexander Bergen Biomedical
Dylan Black Engineering
Emma Bohnenkamper Biomedical
Evan Borchers Animal Science
Thomas Boyer Computer Tech
Joshua Bradford Engineering
Alyssa Brito Business Skills & Management
Alyssa Campbell Biomedical
Destini Carpenter Agribusiness, Animal Science, & Natural Resource Management
Daniela Cervantes Biomedical
Claire Clements Biomedical
Delaney Collins Education Professions
Abbigail Curtis Animal Science, Horticulture/Plant & Soil Science, & Natural Resource Management
Chloe Damron Engineering
Shunterra Davis Biomedical
Lynae Dawson Education Professions
Alexie Day Finance & Management
Luke Delp Biomedical
Sierra Devenney Biomedical
Noah Diaz Engineering
Sarah Doyle Health Science Professionals
Lucas Duncan Architecture & Construction and Engineering
Lillian Dwyer Broadcasting
Kennis Dye Biomedical
Abria Federico Animal Science & Horticulture/Plant & Soil Science
Justin Fleming Engineering
Carla Flores Management
Matthew Francis Engineering
Dallasen Fulk Animal Science
Alyson Grindle Management
Samuel Groninger Welding
Emali Grose Agribusiness & Animal Science
John Grose Biomedical
Amber Hagan Biomedical
Gage Hall Engineering
Gabriela Hamill Biomedical
Jonathan Harstine Engineering
Lucas Harvey Marketing
Carlos Hermosillo Broadcasting
Zachary Howard Engineering & Natural Resource Management
Noah Hutton Coding & Computer Tech
Mason Johnson Biomedical
Jasmin Juarez Health Science Professionals
Matthew Kiphart Coding & Computer Tech
Ella Knight Biomedical
Morgan Konie Biomedical
Alexandra Koontz Biomedical
Katherine Koontz Engineering
Jacob LaLonde Biomedical
Hanna Leach Biomedical
Samuel Lewis Engineering
Colton Lind Biomedical
Sara Linton Animal Science & Natural Resource Management
Michael Liu Engineering
Kaela Locke Public Safety
Kelsey Lockridge Biomedical
Kimberly Lopez Lopez Biomedical
Brooklyn Lyon Agribusiness, Animal Science, Horticulture/Plant & Soil Science, and Natural Resource Management
Chasen Madsen Biomedical
Drew Manwaring Management & Marketing
Nicolas Marsh Finance & Marketing
Thomas Meier Management & Marketing
Kendall Menzie Health Science Professionals
Madison Method Education Professions
Jozie Mikel Health Science Professionals
Payton Netherland Biomedical
Paola Nieves Biomedical
Michael Nunez Engineering
Conner O'Hara Animal Science
Sophie Olson Broadcasting
Nikole Parrett Health Science Professionals
Naomi Phillips Finance & Management
Gabriel Perez Architecture & Construction and Engineering
Matthew Podemski Animal Science, Horticulture/Plant & Soil Science, & Natural Resource Management
Autumn Proudfoot Health Science Professionals
Shannon Randels Education Professions
Makayla Reed Biomedical & Health Science Professionals
Hannah Rice Management & Marketing
Melisa Rich Biomedical
Ashley Salyer Education Professions
Sarah Sekora Health Science Professionals
Bryant Selig Agribusiness & Animal Science
Nickolas Shaw Criminal Justice
Genevive Skeans Biomedical
Colette Smith Biomedical
Morgan Smith Agribusiness & Horticulture/Plant & Soil Science
Trevor Stichter Broadcasting
Ciara Stout Agribusiness, Animal Science, & Horticulture/Plant & Soil Science
John Svinarich Biomedical
Savannah Taylor Biomedical
John Tucker Management & Marketing
Tylene Wadkins Animal Science, Horticulture/Plant & Soil Science, & Natural Resource Management
Alexis Walton Biomedical
Hunter Ward Criminal Justice
Matthew Watson Finance & Management
Sydney Wiedeman Biomedical
Eric Williamson Engineering
Henry Williamson Biomedical
Jared Wolf Architecture & Construction and Engineering
Grant Wolfe Engineering
Samuel Yeager Management

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