Broadcasting Academy: Real Skills for Today

Broadcasting Academy provides students pursuing a career in radio, televsion, web design, marketing, sales, public speaking, and acting an opportunity to polish their skills.



Radio and TV I: Students learn the basics of radio and television production and complete a variety of hands-on, in-class activities.  1 period/1 semester

TV II: Students create our school's newscasts and a variety of other projects.  3 hours of college credit, 2 periods/2 semesters
Radio II: Advanced students can host their own show through locally operated WIOE 98.3FM as well as a variety of other projects.  3 hours of college credit, 1 period/1 semester


Take all of these classes to complete the Broadcasting Academy, and you can earn you up to 6 FREE college credit hours as well as a special certificate upon completion.  Sign-up today!

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