Nontraditional CTE Student Highlight: Daniela Parra

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Nontraditional CTE Student Highlight: Daniela Parra

Daniela Parra is a junior here at WCHS/WACC and is in our Welding Technology program with Mr. Morr. In addition to currently taking Welding Technology I, Daniela has taken Introduction to Construction, Introduction to Manufacturing, Interactive Media Photoshop, Child Development, Interpersonal Relationships, & Preparing for College and Careers here in the WACC. She plans to take Welding Technology II & CNC next year, as well as be an assistant for Mr. Morr. In her spare time, Daniela works at Rozella Golf Course. She says that her welding education has already helped in her job there. After graduation next year, Daniela plans to go to a technical school to expand her welding skills but hasn't yet decided what she wants to do after that & is open to all opportunities that will come. 

In Daniela's own words about why she decided to take Welding: I like to learn about new things. I prefer hands-on classes, as well, so that played a big factor into why I chose to take welding. I have learned a lot so far that can help with jobs in the future. It's also really nice to see how far I've come with welding. At first, I didn't know much about any of that & now I have become a pretty good welder. Hard work pays off in the end. 

Congrats Daniela! We are proud of you & appreciate you allowing us to feature you on the blog!

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