Advanced Marketing students working together in groups for a competitive presentation about the placement of a soccer franchise in Houston TX. They are covering economics, marketing-information management, product/service management & selling in their research and presentations.
Nick at his Internship with Pettit Electric. Nick is learning and working at his Internship while getting to apply his hours to 'On the job' training for his schooling next year!
​Thank you Alton Phillips at Techomet for giving Lexi a fabulous Engineering Internship with real world projects!
Marketing & TVII classes are collaborating to create informational commercials about school programs/activities for the WACC news.
Dylan Childers is an Intern in the Internship Program this year. He is gaining knowledge about insurance along with how to run a business. He is learning daily what it takes to be a professional in the business world.

The agency he is interning with stated "We recently aquired a new member of the team. Dylan Childers is our new intern from Warsaw Community High School. He is a bright individual who has an enormous passion for helping people and making things interesting for everybody around him." 

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