Eric Coburn's Aviation students recently had the opportunity to tour the Warsaw Municipal Airport and explore several of the private jets located there. 

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Warsaw Community Schools is proud to announce the first student to receive his pilot’s license in the Warsaw Area Career Center aviation program.

Eric Baumgartner, a senior at Warsaw Community High School, received his ground school training from WACC and continued on to study at a Goshen flight school in a Cessna 152. The license was obtained after spending 20 hours with an instructor, 10 hours alone and 10 hours mixed. In addition, Baumgartner was required to have three night hours spent in a plane as well as eight cross-country hours in which he flew more than 50 miles.

The WACC aviation program is offered to students in grade 10-12 who are over 15 years old. The course spans two semesters and offers students two credits. Students are prepared for either a career in aviation or simply to pursue the license for business/pleasure. Those enrolled are familiarized with the Department of Aviation Technology and its curricula; a historical overview of the field of aviation; overview of current aviation environment as well as a look into careers and employment opportunities in aviation. The course prepares students to satisfy the mandatory requirements for passing the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Private Pilot written exam and oral exam.

Baumgartner is now able to rent a plane and plans to pursue a career in aviation to become a commercial pilot. With his private license, Baumgartner is able to fly in fair weather, and once he procures instrument rating skills, he will be able to fly in more extreme weather conditions.

Baumgartner is the son of Jay and Deb Baumgartner and plans to attend either Purdue or Indiana State University.
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Logan French flying high with Mom as a passenger for Aviation class.

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It's all smiles when Jacob Bill took his first flight after aviation class at WACC

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