Biotechnical Engineering students are working with Biomet on a sawbones lab to understand how implants are designed/placed.

Biotechnical Engineering student taking care of the rainbow trout that are being raised in the classroom.

Biotechnical Engineering students are working to figure out the blood (simulated) types of 4 suspects.

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Biotechnical Engineering students raised trout in the classroom since January. These students developed standard-based lesson plans & presented those to the 4th grade Washington STEM students. The 4th grade students toured Biotechnical Engineering classroom to see how the fish were being raised. Then yesterday, all students came together to release the Rainbow Trout in a private pond only minutes away.

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The Biotechnical Engineering class from Warsaw Area Career Center went to Washington Elementary to teach all of the 4th grade students about trout. The topics included: trout & the food chain, trout characteristics, and trout diseases.

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