Yesterday Mr. Ksiezopolski's Emergency Medical Services students were practicing some new skills and "rescued" Mrs. Jackson, the WACC Assistant Director! The students safely strapped her to the backboard, carried her across the sidewalk, and placed her on top of their truck to pose for a picture. Great job students, and special thanks to Mrs. Jackson for offering to be their patient!

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Helicopter to make a non-emergency landing at WCHS/WACC for the students in the EMT program.

Weather permitting, this Friday, May 22, 2015, the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students get to see a Lutheran Air helicopter, with a Flight Paramedic on board that is a 2003 graduate of WCHS and the Warsaw Area Career Center EMT program, land at the WCHS/WACC campus between 8:00-8:30. It will land on the front lawn of WCHS/WACC campus between parking lot B and SR 15 and the Flight Paramedic will be here to talk to the class about air transport in emergency situations.

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The American Ambulance Association presented Paramedic Korie Krull, a graduate of Warsaw and the WACC EMT Program, with the 2015 Stars of Life award for outstanding commitment and dedication in the line of service.

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EMT class working on skills.

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2013-2014 EMT Class

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