Mrs. Kincaid's PLTW Civil Engineering/Architecture class is working on modeling Architectural Features!
Each student chose a particular architectural style (Adobe, Colonial, Saltbox, etc) and is creating a model that exemplifies a feature of that style (roof design, window arches, entryway, etc.).  
                                                            Project-based learning is fun-based learning!

From Mr. Alexander:

Last week, our Project Lead The Way- Computer Integrated Manufacturing students started their first little project. EVERY student actively was involved in the project and are already doing awesome!

Mr. Alexander had the opportunity to attend PLTW training this summer to be better equipped to teach this class and is doing a fantastic job so far! 
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From Mr. Alexander:

On day 2 for the robotics students, they started their first robot build today and EVERY student was involved and actively participating in the process!

They are doing great so far!

Miss Miller's Manufacturing students have been hard at work on their Gone Boarding projects. Check out the recent pictures below and the article about the program from back in the Fall. 

Gone Boarding- Best of Times

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