Mrs. Coates Medical Terminology class recently spent time discussing and celebrating cultural diversity in the health care setting.

“Sensitivity, compassion, understanding, and acceptance of patients with different values, beliefs, and behaviors are essential qualities for those who work in the medical arena.”

“When healthcare workers at all levels of care are given the tools and training they need to become culturally competent, improved patient satisfaction and outcomes are the inevitable result.”

Thank you Jaya Panicker for the delicious food!!!!
Mrs. Coates Medical Terminology students recently had a guest speaker, Melissa Pence, a Registered Nurse from Kosciusko Community Hospital, come in to discuss antibiotic stewardship and the flu.
Mrs. Coates' Medical Terminology students are using Quizlet Live to review medical terms in class. This online learning tool is a place where all students can share knowledge in any subject and at any level. It not only allows students to work together and enhance communication amongst eachother as part of a team, but also reinforces their vocabulary and accuracy over speed.
Dr. Matt Houck, from Physical Rehab, discussed physical therapy today in Mrs. Coates Medical Terminology class. 
Recently Teresa Reed RN came in to our Medical Terminology class. She lectured on communicable diseases. Students learned that a communicable disease is an infectious disease transmissible (as from person to person) by direct contact with an affected individual or the individual's discharges or by indirect means (as by a vector)—compare contagious disease. Good information to know. ;)

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