Student's in Ms. Bassett's summer Nutrition & Wellness class had fun making pizza casserole yesterday! 

Ms. Tiede's 7th period Nutrition & Wellness students made an assortment of casseroles today, ranging from stuffed manicotti to monkey bread and zucchini boats to a breakfast casserole. Yum! 

Yesterday students in Ms. Tiede's 7th period Nutrition & Wellness class had a great time learning how to make pizza casserole. Yum!!

Mrs. Tiede's Advanced Nutrition & Wellness class made Pumpkin Rolls yesterday. Students learned new skills and the importance of nutrition. A great class to take for students that loved the first Nutrition & Wellness class!!

Last week Ms. Bassett's Nutrition & Wellness students participated in a bonding/ice-breaking activity as they began a new semester here at WCHS. The students worked together to build their gingerbread houses together and won awards for most creative & best team work. 

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