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WACC Course of Study Guide 2016 2017


Warsaw Area Career Center (WACC) is about empowerment! We are passionate about empowering students to achieve their career goals by teaching academic subject matter with relevance to the real world. Learning today and earning tomorrow is the desired result of a successful Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. During theb2ap3_thumbnail_wacc_logo_schools.jpg past several years CTE has changed in many ways in order to keep up in the world of career preparation. Technology has exploded in every department across education and we are challenged to continuously improve. At the same time it is important that students be prepared for their future career and we are responsible for preparing students for jobs that in many cases don’t even exist yet.

In the past, vocational education was our focus; today it is college and career preparation. We are working hard to provide opportunities utilizing many programs of study for students to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Providing students with hands-on experiences, partnerships within the community, realistic and investigative opportunities to identify their strengths. Our mission at WACC is to assist students in finding their passion and developing the skills necessary to succeed, and to be ahead of the competition.

Many programs offer students a chance to earn college credit through dual credit enrollment, at little or no cost. We also have several student organizations to enhance student learning and provide leadership training, teamwork, and opportunities to network with professionals.

Take a look at what we have to offer! Spend some time investigating our programs of study. I think you will be impressed! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Ronna Kawsky, Director/Principal

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