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     Welcome to the home page for Preparing for College & Careers.  Students in this class are encouraged to think about their strengths, areas where they want to grow and improve and make a plan to successfully graduate from high school with skills that will help them move into the next phase of their lives. 

     Evaluating and creating a plan for the future is the emphasis of this class.  Students will explore and examine career choices by discovering personal aptitudes, interests, goals and lifestyle.  Students will develop a four-year career plan which includes post-secondary education.  Hands-on projects, discussions and presentations will be used.  Students will explore employability skills and learn to manage personal resources.  The focus of this course is to realize that the impact of today's choices will affect tomorrow's possibilities.


Weekly Agenda
Career Research

Students will look at the many possibilities available to them in today's new workforce. They will be encouraged to look at new and different possibilities. Consideration will be given to "Hot Jobs"--those jobs with high wage and high demand. Many factors will be considered throughout this unit.
Parents--Please take time to discuss what we are doing in class with your son or daughter. "Success in the New Economy" is a video I would highly recommend and the link is listed to the right

Career Clusters

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