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Welcome to Preparing for College and CareersHome Page!



Welcome to the home page for Preparing for College and Careers.  Students in this class are encouraged to think about their strengths, areas where they want to grow and improve and make a plan to successfully graduate from high school with skills that will help them move into the next phase of their lives.

Evaluating and creating a plan for the future is the emphasis of this class.  Students will explore and examine careers choices by discovering personal aptitudes, interests, goals and lifestyle.  Students will develop a four-year career plan which includes postsecondary education.  Hands-on projects, discussions, and presentations will be used.  Students will explore employability skills and learn to manage personal resources.  The focus of this course is to realize that the impact of today's choices will affect tomorrow's possibilities.



Weekly Agenda
(CURRENT) Resume/Cover Letter/Applications/Interviewing

 This lesson discusses the importance of a cover letter and resume.  At the end of the lesson; student will produce a cover letter and resume.  We will be discussing how to properly fill out a job applications; and how to be successful in an interview.

E-Learning May 6, 2017

My assignment is posted on Canvas

E-Learning April 22, 2017

Please note that my E-Learning assignment is posted on Canvas.




Discovering Who You Are

This unit will help students understand who they are and make decisions about what type of lifestyle they would like to have in the future.  By gaining awareness of their personality, skills, interests, and values, students can begin to look at career categories.  Matching the student's personality with groups of jobs gives them the greatest chance to choose a career that they will enjoy throughout their lifetime.  Learning the process of career exploration is a main goal as many students change their minds throughout high school.  By knowing the process, students can research career information throughout their lifetime.  Use the links to the right to learn more about yourself and your future career!  Also, we are currently working on student's four year plan, since these are due in late February.


Chapter 2 Notes (Word Document - DOC)
  Internet Personality Assessment (Word Document - DOC)
  Values (PDF Document - PDF)
  Holland Self Assessment (Word Document - DOC)
Class Requirements 2nd Semester 2016/17

I would like to welcome my second semester students and their families to Preparing for College and Careers.  I look forward to getting to know you.  This web-site is designed to help you by knowing what we will be doing each week.  I am also including all of the units as we go along.  The attachments can be opened from home and saved if you wish.  The class links at the side of the site will take you directly to some of the sites we will use this semester.  Please feel free to look at those with your son or daughter.  Your student will get the most from this class if you talk to them about your hopes, dreams and expectations as they complete their high school career and move into the post-secondary training that is right for them.  We will begin this journey in Preparing for College and Careers.  Please feel free to contact me at any time by clicking on "Email Me!" on the top right of your screen.  Best wishes for a great 1st semester.

Career Powerpoint Presentation

Each student must present a powerpoint presentation on the career that they are considering for their future.  This is part of their final exam, if a student doesn't present a powerpoint presentation they will receive a failing grade for the semester. 

(CURRENT) Career Awareness

Career Awareness--This week will be spent learning about career clusters and post-secondary education options.  Students will explore Indiana's 16 Career Clusters by looking at the list of Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs.  This listing of the 50 fastest growing, high-wage jobs of tomorrow will introduce students to amazing career options and opportunities.
Parents--Students will be asking you to talk with them about your job/career history this is a homework assignment.    Please take this opportunity to talk to your teen about your hopes, dreams and expectations for them as they begin to think about a possible career!

Chapter 1

Mapping success N.O.W.; Developing skills in self-management; Getting oriented to new settings; Planning for success; and getting a world-wise view of life.   These are some of the topics that will be discussed in Chapter 1.  The is a chapter packet that will be completed in class, and at the end of Chapter 1 there will be a test. 

First Speeches


Who Am I Posters
 Who Am I--Personality Research

Personality--Who Am I?  We have completed the assessments in the "Discovering Who You Are" unit.  This week students will be creating a poster to expain their lifestyle, personality, interests and skills.   

Agenda Content goes here

Students will be doing a Chapter packet on Chapter 6-1 (in class); along with watching a communications video.  There are several communications activities that will be done in class.  A test will be given at the end of the chapter.  HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT DUE:  Sep 13, 2010 - Article Review on the Business of Listening.

"Pursuit of Happyness"
To culminate the entire course, we are show the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness".  Our hope is that this movie will get students to understand the decisions that they are making today can affect their future.
 Week of May 28-31, 2013
MondayMemorial Day
TuesdayPursuit of Happyness (worksheet)
WednesdayPursuit of Happyness (worksheet)
ThursdayPursuit of Happyness (worksheet)
FridaySummer Break

Weekly Lesson Plans
 Week of November 7-11, 2011
MondayFinish 4-year plan
TuesdayStart Communication Chapter; handout Chapter packets; discuss and fill in the blanks
WednesdaySquared Away Activity; Read Mr. Peabody's Apples
ThursdayDiscuss Chapter
FridayChapter Test
Career Power Point Presentations
 Week of November 28 - Dec 2, 2011
MondayPower Point Presentations
TuesdayPower Point Presentations
WednesdayPower Point Presentations & Start on Applications
ThursdayContinue Working on Applications Lesson
FridayFinish Application Lesson
Money Management
Students will learn about various aspects of money.  These include understanding a paycheck and stub, banking services, earning interest, credit and identity theft.  Parents--please take this opportunity to discuss your values about money and help your student understand the importance of proper money management.  Consider asking them to help you balance your bank (checking, savings) accounts. 
Agenda Content goes here
Parent Interview Question

Look in the document file for the Parent Interview Questions.  The student should have this paper in the unit packet.

Parent Interview Questions(Word Document - DOC)
Agenda Content goes here
Agenda Content goes here
Please look for CURRENT to see what is going on in class
Agenda Content goes here

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