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Landscape Management

I wanted to provide my students with skills that may not only help them find employment, but are just good basic skills that they can carry with them throughout life beyond high school.  So I have geared this year's Landscape Management class towards FoodScaping; tucking edibles and medicinal plants into existing landscapes. They will, hopefully, leave my class with a basic knowledge of how to grow their own food. 

We have been working hard to learn about plants that we can tuck into existing landscapes that can also serve as food and/or medicine for humans. 

We talked about how landscape is visual art and worked together to create a schematic design for the courtyard using  the plants that we learned about. 

Now we are on a fundraising mission to help finance our Food Forest in the WACC/Art Courtyard project.  My students talked me into starting a GoFundMe campaign for our food forest.   To learn more about the project, click here.

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Created: Jan 20, 2018
Updated: Jan 20, 2018
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