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Mr. Zakaria's Web Page
Thank you for stopping by. My name is Mr. Zakaria a teacher at the Warsaw Area Career Center. I am the teacher of Robotics II, III, and IV, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Introduction to Engineering Design, and Programming using Visual Basics. My classes often reflect on my experiences in the engineering field and biomedical engineering. My students take a lot of pride in their work and in the goals of the class. If you are looking to become a professional, an expert, or just being part of a great class then these are the classes for you.
Weekly Agenda
Robotics II & III
Weekly Objectives:

Programming Basics with EasyC

Programming Clawbot to travel a Maze

Programming a Line Tracker Sensor

Introduction to Engineering Design
Weekly Objectives:

Line Conventions in Engineering Drawings

Perspective Drawings (1 & 2 perspective drawings)

Isometric and Orthographic Sketches

Programming with Visual Basic
Weekly Objectives:

To master programming arithmetic commands.

Civil Engineering and Architecture
Architectural Style Project

Presentations on Architectural Design

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Paul Zakaria

Created: Aug 1, 2013
Updated: Aug 27, 2013
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