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Welcome to my Page!

Welcome to your webpage! I am so excited to be on this journey with you as you learn new knowledge and skills about the world of Fashion & Textiles.  One of the most important things you will be learning is sewing techniques and construction.  I have tried to choose projects that you will enjoy and use that will also teach you important skills.  Your desire and dedication to learning is the key.  

You will develop thinking and problem solving skills along the way.  These will serve you well in all areas of your life.  Let's get started!!!

Weekly Agenda
Sewing Notes

Here are the concepts we have covered so far in Fashion & Textiles!

May19 eLearning Assignment

Your eLearning assignment is to find 5 projects you would like to complete in the future.  These can be from any web-site or Pinterest.  This can involve sewing, knitting, weaving or any other fabric art.  Open a Word or Google Doc.  Paste the picture and web-site into your document.  Add a complete sentence about why you chose that item and what you would need to know and do in order to complete this project.  

Upload your document to Canvas when finished.  This must be submitted by May 23rd by 11:59 pm in order to be counted as present for this eLearning session.

Fashion Careers

Open each of these page links to the right.  Read each of the articles and consider the possibilities of a career in fashion.  Title the page "Fashion Careers"

Ten Entry Level Jobs in Fashion

Fashion Job Titles and Descriptions

Which Fashion Career is Right for You

Once you have read these articles, open a new Google Doc, make sure it is your F & T Google Drive folder and answer the following questions--

If you had to choose a career in the Fashion Industry, what job would you choose and why? 2-3 or more sentences.

What career would you not want and why? 1-2 sentences

Discuss what you learned or what surprised you from what you read today.

Man Made Fibers

For this lesson, please watch the two YouTube videos below.  Open the link called, "Man Made Fiber Chart" and then open the "Clothing Fibers" PDF link to complete the chart.  You will take notes from the "Clothing Fibers" PDF document to describe the advantages and disadvantages of each fiber listed.  If the PDF does not open, there is a link at the top of my "Web-Links" on this page that you can use.  When finished, you will search the internet for pictures of the fabric listed and read information you find interesting.

April 17 eLearning Day

Please follow these instructions for your eLearning day. Go to the pageLink to the right of this box and click on "Pattern Markings."  This will open an Infographic which shows and describes typical pattern markings you will see when sewing with a pattern.  

Open the Word Doc below this item titled, "Pattern Markings."  Below each of the markings on this worksheet, write when and where you will see that symbol when using a pattern.  Include any information that will help you know how to lay your pattern out.

Upload this assignment to Canvas by Thursday, April 27th.

P J Pants

Pajama Pants Tutorial

I created this tutorial from the pattern instructions.  Have fun creating your first garment!!!

Mrs. Carmichael

Fabric Construction

Using your iPad, write down any bold black or red headings and describe that key term.  This should be done for all of the terms in the chapter including those found on page 218.  You will basically be taking notes from the chapter.  When finished, upload your notes to Canvas


Please copy and paste this web address into a browser, watch the video and read this article.  Open a Google Doc and label it "Laundry"  Save it to your F & T folder.  Take notes on the main ideas on this Google Doc.  

Next, pull up this article and on the same Laundry Google doc write down the 10 things you learned that you want to remember about doing laundry.

 Upload your Laundry Google Doc to Canvas under the Laundry assignment.


In this unit we will learn about color and how it impacts fashion, clothing & sewing.


Welcome to Fashion and Textiles!  I am so excited that you want to learn about fashion, textiles and sewing skills.  Please answer this survey so I can get to know you.  Looking forward to our time together!!!!

Microwave Pot Holder

We are ready for our second project!!!  First you will follow the tutorial, "Dart Practice" and then we will begin the potholder!  Have fun.

Pillow Case Project

Here are the complete instructions for making a pillow case.  Please open this PDF file and save it to your Google Drive in your Fashion & Textiles folder.

Lip Gloss Key Ring

Here is a fun, quick and easy project!

Supply List

This is a list of supplies that you will need for the first 9 weeks.  Open this document and save it to your Fashion & Textiles folder.

Drawstring Bag

Our next project will be a drawstring bag.  You will use the skills you have learned from our other projects.  You will learn some new skills as well.

Rules, Safety & Procedures

This section includes some basic rules and procedures for sewing.

Pin Cushion

Our next project is a Pin Cushion.  You will be using the same fabric that you used for your Pot Holder.  Have fun!


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