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Welcome to Preparing for College & Careers

     Welcome to the home page for Preparing for College & Careers.  Students in this class are encouraged to think about their strengths, areas where they want to grow and improve and make a plan to successfully graduate from high school with skills that will help them move into the next phase of their lives. 

     Evaluating and creating a plan for the future is the emphasis of this class.  Students will explore and examine career choices by discovering personal aptitudes, interests, goals and lifestyle.  Students will develop a four-year career plan which includes post-secondary education.  Hands-on projects, discussions and presentations will be used.  Students will explore employability skills and learn to manage personal resources.  The focus of this course is to realize that the impact of today's choices will affect tomorrow's possibilities.

Class Requirements

I would like to welcome my students and their families to Preparing for College & Careers.  I look forward to getting to know you.  This web-site is designed to help you know what we will be doing each week.  I am including the unit we are currently working on as well as our next unit.  You can check what we will be doing each day below.  Much of what we do involves being a member of a team, working in small groups or demonstrating skills necessary in all areas of life.  Therefore, it is very important that your son or daughter be in class every day. 
The attachments can be opened from home and saved if you wish.  The class links at the side of the site will take you directly to some of the sites we will use this semester.  Please feel free to look at those with your son or daughter.  Your student will get the most from this class if you talk to them about your hopes, dreams and expectations as they complete their high school career and move into the post-secondary training that is right for them.  We will begin this journey in Preparing for College and Careers.  Please feel free to contact me at any time by clicking on "E-mail Me!" on the top right of your screen.  Best wishes for a great semester!

Exploring Self--Study Skills-Unit 1 Part 1
  This first unit will cover self management skills, learning styles, goal setting  and study skills.  I would encourage parents to discuss your expectations and set some goals for 2nd semester.  Understanding how your student learns will help determine the most effective way to use his or her study time.  I will ask students to discuss a study skills assignment and have a parent sign   Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Parents--Please take this opportunity to talk to your student about your expectations for their success this semester.
Exploring Self--Discovering Who You Are-Unit 1-Part 2
Personality Poster----This poster is the assessment for this unit.  We will work on these in class, but students may bring items in to put on their poster. 
This unit will help students understand who they are and make decisions about what type of lifestyle they would like to have in the future.  By gaining awareness of their personality, skills, interests, and values, students can begin to look at career categories.  Matching the student's personality with groups of jobs gives them the greatest chance to choose a career that they will enjoy throughout their lifetime.  Learning the process of career exploration is a main goal as many students change their minds throughout high school.  By knowing the process, students can research career information throughout their lifetime.  Use the links to the right to learn more about yourself and your future career!
Parents--Ask to see your child's "Discovering Who You Are" packet.  Discuss how you view your child's strengths!
Career Awareness
Career Awareness--This week will be spent learning about career clusters and post-secondary education options.  Students will explore Indiana's 16 Career Clusters by looking at the list of Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs.  This listing of the 50 fastest growing, high-wage jobs of tomorrow will introduce students to amazing career options and opportunities.
Parents--Students will be asking you to talk with them about your job/career history.  This will be due with their packet on Friday.  Please take this opportunity to talk to your teen about your hopes, dreams and expectations for them as they begin to think about a possible career!

Chad Foster

Here are the notes from the Chad Foster Video.  Review the notes and complete the writing assignment at the bottom of the page.

College Night

Why should I encourage my freshman to attend college night?  This may be a question you are asking yourself as a parent.  I believe the answer is that all of our students will need more education and training after high school.  By attending College Night, October 3 in the high school cafeteria from 6:30-8:00 will allow you to begin to ask questions about the types of classes and programs your student should take in high school to be well prepared for the next step!  Students can play the faculty scavenger hunt beginning Monday to win a daily prize and then drop their cards off at College Night to be in a drawing to win a Kindle Fire.
Please check out this great opportunity!

Parent Interview Question

Parent Interview--  Your student should ask you some questions about the jobs and careers you have had.  Hopefully, this will give you an opportunity to discuss your expectations for their first job experiences.  Any time a student can get real-world experience in a career field they are considering, they develop some attitudes and skills about whether that career will be a good fit for them. 

It is never to soon to begin discussing post-secondary education plans.  A great deal of time and money will be spent getting the training and education for a career job.

Look in the document file for the Parent Interview Questions.  The student should have this paper in the unit packet.

Post Secondary Education & Training

We will continue to explore the many and varied types of education beyond high school--Post-Secondary Education.  You should keep an open mind to learn about possibilities you may have never considered before.  At the end of thousands of dollars and several years, there should be a job at the end of your training.  What careers have good job outlooks?  What careers can provide the income to care for yourself, your family of the future and others in need?  How do you learn best and is the training/education you are considering going to help you shine?  How much time do you want to invest right after high school?

We know that in today's world, we much all be LIFELONG LEARNERS!  What will your next step be?

Career Research
Students will look at the many possibilities available to them in today's new workforce.  They will be encouraged to look at new and different possibilities.  Consideration will be given to "Hot Jobs"--those jobs with high wage and high demand.  Many factors will be considered throughout this unit.
Please take time to discuss what we are doing in class with your son or daughter.  "Success in the New Economy" is a video I would highly recommend and the link is listed to the right.

Career Reports

Students  will research three career reports at this time.  Two will be done in a written format and one will be presented in a speech as part of the student's final grade.  The requirements, web-sites and directions are attached to this web-page.  We have an awesome new web-site called Career Cruising (click on the link to the right) which allows students to learn about hundreds of careers and post-secondary educational options.  Check it out!
Parents--Discuss the careers your student is researching.  What are the educational requirements?  Are these careers realistic?  How will you work together to help your child's career dream become a reality?   If they are not sure about a career direction, how can they explore different careers?  This is a great opportunity to get to know what your student is thinking.

Final Career Speech

Students will begin giving these speeches beginning Wednesday, April 11th They will have class time to create a power point, but should spend time at home practicing the speech. Students will present a final career speech as part of their final exam.  These include a 4-5 minute speech on a career of their choice.  They must include a visual aid--power point, Prezi, etc.  The rubric which will be used is attached below.  This grade will be a portion of the student's last 9 week assessment.  The final assessment will be calculated as 10% of the student's final grade for the semester.  Each student must give this presentation.

FACS Academies, Programs & Courses

This document will guide you through the Family & Consumer Science Academies, Programs and Courses.  Please join us as we strive to have better relationships, healthier bodies & minds and plan for a successful future in FACS!!

Career Plans & Scheduling

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  We are so excited about being able to offer your son or daughter the opportunity to complete Career Academies.  This is brand new.  Please take some time to talk with your student about this TODAY!  Career Plans are created and revised to help students take full advantage of the many programs and classes offered at WCHS and WACC.  Scheduling Note--Students will be asked to turn in a schedule of classes for next year in January.  We will be working on creating Career Plan which will help with next year's classes.  Please spend some time talking to your student and looking at the Programs of Study at the top of this web-page.  Additional information is available under the Academics tab on the WCHS  web-site.
Please be sure to talk to your son or daughter about their Career Plan.  This will help ensure that they take prerequisite classes so they are able to get into programs and post-secondary education of their choice.  Freshmen will meet with a counselor after Christmas break  to set their schedule for next year.  Students may make changes by seeing their Guidance Counselor, preferably by Spring Break!
Parents--Please read my letter by clicking the Word Document link below for more information!!!
Parents--Be sure to discuss the courses your student is planning to take next year.  Refer to the Course of Study Guide--(this is listed in this web-site under Academics on the High School Web-site or you may use the link under my web-sites to the right) for requirements and discuss the various diploma types available to our students.

WACC Career Academies

Choose the link for your class period below.

"Tuesdays With Morrie" Assignment
This assignment is due on Tuesday, April 21.  Many of our freshmen read "Tuesdays With Morrie" in English 9.  There are some great lessons to learn from this book.   Careers students will complete the attached worksheet after spending at least an hour with someone who is special to them.  If you are that special person, Congratulations!!!!  If you open the worksheet and decide as a parent, sister or brother or other relative that you would like to complete this project--Go For It!!!!  Spending time together is one of the most special gifts we can give one another!  Enjoy!!!
Personal Skills

Communication is important where ever you go!  In this unit we will discuss verbal and non-verbal communication.  Students will read an article on Listening and respond with a 1 page paper.  We will discuss rumors and gossip and using our peer mediators or adults to help resolve conflict.
Parents--you may want to use this time to talk to your teen about how you hope to resolve conflicts in your lives together.  Ask your son or daughter what they have learned about using good communication skills and encourage your child to practice those skills at home.  Also discuss how rumors and gossip hurt others and help your student form a plan to deal with this most negative form of communication.  These skills are important at home, school and in the workplace. 


Employability Skills--Resume & Cover Letter

Resume & Cover Letter

Students will receive a packet of information explaining how to create a resume and cover letter.  Parents can help their student by brainstorming activities, awards and experiences that the student can include on their resume.  Proofreading so the documents are perfect is also recommended.  Deciding to get a first job is a family decision which will be different for each student.  I want students to think about why they would be the best person for their first job.


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