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Welcome to Introduction to Culinary Arts
Welcome to the intro to culinary foundations webpage.  This is where you can find all the information you need about the class.  I will try to keep all information up to date and accurate!  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!
Classroom Information
Helpful Tools
Here you will find helpful information for the class.  It has all been given to your student, but you can print more or look for yourself if needed!
ServSafe is a Nation wide exam, that we offer the students at Warsaw High School.  The course work is already created, and we present it in a creative way.  The students will be required to go through the ServSafe course and take the National ServSafe exam online.  The certification is recognized nationwide, and will help your son or daughter get a job more easily than others.  It is a very big deal, and I am very excited to offer it to the students.  We will learn the information for about four weeks, and give the test in class.  If you have time, please help your students study!
Careers Project
Students are working in groups to create a presentation on a Culinary Arts Career.  This is designed to help students see the possible job options before we even dig into the information of the unit.  We have been working in class to get these projects completed.  Students will be presenting on Thursday and Friday!
Safety & Sanitation
Safety and sanitation is an important part of the Intro to Culinary class.  Knowing how to work safely in the kitchen is essential to success.  Here you can find all the related information.

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