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Welcome to my Classes Page!

     Welcome Aboard!

Between my classes in the Business Technology Department here at WCHS Area Career Center and being advisor for our chapter of Business Professionals of America (BPA), I stay pretty busy. If it weren't for the students, I'd have to go out and get a 'real' job because I wouldn't want to stay here anymore.

Technology Education = Jobs.  Business Tech Education = Careers.

I mean, can you think of many jobs that do not involve business?

     Do it.   Just do it.   It's real life prep.

How Do I Know If Assignments Are Up to Date?

There are two places to check to see what's going on in class for the most part:

#1 -- PowerSchool. Here is where you can see what has or is about to be assigned, what has been graded, and what is missing.

#2 -- Canvas. This is where many assignments are posted or turned in for class so you can see some of the specific assignments and know what we're doing in class.

What Is My Teaching Schedule?

This year my schedule looks like this:

  • Period 1 -- PLTW Computer Science Principles (honors and AP)
  • Period 1 -- PLTW Computer Science A: Java (honors and AP)
  • Period 2 -- Programming II: C++
  • Period 3 -- Business Law & Ethics
  • Period 4 -- Business Law & Ethics
  • Period 5 -- Prep Time ... Semester 2: Personal Financial Responsibility
  • Period 6 -- Personal Financial Responsibility ... Semester 2: Prep Time
  • Period 7 -- Business and Personal Law


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Steve Waldeck

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