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Welcome to Building Trades!
This is a two year, half-day course designed to start at the junior level.  Students attend one class per day.  One class meets for three hours in the morning and the other class meets for three hours in the afternoon.  The instructor will screen all applicants.  It is recommended that the applicants take some technology classes to strengthen their background.  Students enrolled in this course will participate in a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Students will be involved in framing, roofing, installing doors and windows, electrical, hanging drywall, painting finish work, concrete work and landscaping.  Students wanting only one year of the program will be accepted if there are openings.  Students in the second year will assist the instructor in aiding and instructing the first year students.  The class time and hours will be the same as the first year students.  Second year students will only be allowed in the senior year of the program if the instructor recommends them.
Building Trades
Residential Construction/ Building a house


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The Warsaw Building Trades classes involve students from Warsaw and Whitko high school.  The program is open to both male and female students.   Classes are in line with our dual credit partner IVY

This year students will construct a new home for james and Emily Hornandy.

Students are ver eager and excited to begin construction after safety demonstrations and discussions.  New year and new rules like all sites, we are striving to improve and make the site safer every year.  Students have been checked out on power tools and now ready to begin construction.  

  A little time on Thurs. and Friday allowed us to begin framing in the basement support walls.  Students are doing a quality job and proceeding safe as well as making progress.   I am very pleased and happy for the new home owners.   This is a progress report for Aug 11 - 14

  The new students are getting settled in to the program and routine.  The returning students are helping and assisting new students as well as taking command on the project. 

   The project is moving along at a nice pace.  Students are learning new techniques and doing a very nice job. I am very pleased with progress as well as quality.  The illregular schedules seems to be working fine.   Thurs mornings will become evaluation periods due to the short time on site.

  The week of 24 though 28 students will be working on I joists and sub flooring.   Thur. night is welcome back night and I will be on site from 4 - 7 for any parents as well as students who wish to check on the site.

  Week 3  students are starting a new phase Aug. 31 - Sept. 4   The sub floor will be finished Monday the 31st.  Students will begin constructing exterior walls and standing them up in place the first week of Sept.   Students will learn how to install insulated headers and pre build walls with exterior osb placed before standing up the walls.   The students will be working on exterior and interior walls for the next two weeks.

   This week proved to be a hot one for the boys on site.   Thanks to Emily who brought cool drinks and snacks the boys hung in there and made it a very productive week.  The sub floor is finished and almost all of the exterior walls have been constructed and erected.   This will be the first full week of Sept. and the construction of all exterior and interior walls will be our goal.  Completion of these walls will allow us to pour the garage floor and begin framing the garage walls as well as begin truss work.

  The week of Sept. 14 - 18 students will be finishing interior wall construction and double plating the wall in preperation of trusses.  Students will also be working on garage floor prep to pour the concrete floor .   Framing of the garage walls will follow the floor installaion.

   Sept.  21 - 25 Students will begin placing trusses on the walls.   On Wed we will be pouring the garage floor and finish framing the garage.  The trusses will be a substitute filler while waiting to the garage floor finishe so we can finish framing.

    The garage was poured on Wednesday Sept. 23 rd and it went very well.   The homeowners have a very nice floor to add to their home.   This week  Oct. 28 through Sept. 2 we will concentratte on working on truss placement on the main part of the house and frame the garage for continued placing of trusses in preperation of the roof sheeting.

   The first 9 weeks are behind.  We are losing daylight hours and heat very rapidly.   The push to get a roof on the project is still a very high priority. Students are working very hard to get the sheeting on the roof and the temp paper before the fall rains.  We have about 1/2 or the roof sheeting on this week of Oct 12 -16.   As always safety is the highest priority.

   This week is a short week due to parent teacher conferences and fall break.   The two days the students have on site we will be working hard to keep closing the roof area in.  The back half of the roof is sheeted and covered with roof liner to keep the floors dry before shingles are applied.We are working hard on the front half now and the garage as well.  They false gables and valleys are slowing progress a little due to limited work time.

Everyone returns from the break.  My hope is the boys have their batteries recharged and ready to go .  Hope the boys are not drained from too much time away.  Time will tell tomorrow morning.  Boys still need to push to finish framing the roof this week of Oct. 26  - 30  .

Hopefully the first week of Nov. we will get shingles delivered.

One mre valley left to construct on the roof and we will be ready for shingles.  The students have the rest of the roof papered and ready for the shingles.  Delivery date is Wed. Nov. 4 in the p.m. class.

   Shingles were delivered on Wed. as planned.  The students had two great days of applying shingles to the roof.  They got a great start and they are looking very good.  We will continue Monday morning Nov 9 and work through the week providing the weather holds.   It will be nice to have the shingles on and next the students will install exterior windows and doors.

  We begin the third week of Nov with the weather still giving us a break for temps.  Last week the wind gave us fits and made it almost impossible to shingle the last two days of the week even though we did find a couple of places to continue.  Goals were set to finish last week on the roof but will be carried out to this week.  The porch is ready to pour. Goals this week are to finish the roof , pour the porch and work on look outs .

  Studnets had another good week at the job site.  Students finished the roof.  poured the porch and set all the main floor windows.  The weather turned cold and snowy and students made the proper advancement to start closing down for winter.  We Still have two garage windows to install , four basement windows and three exterior doors, but at least we can survive and work on different areas on days of poor weather. 

This week will be a short week due to Thanksgiving but progress will continue getting ready for winter.

 The first week of December brings us closer to getting closed in for winter.  The students have all the windows installed and the garage ceiling insulated.  Monday morning will will be getting a load from the lumber yard.   We will be getting garage drywall and ceiling insulattion to trap the heat in the house wihile we are working.

The boys had a great week and made many accomplishments as well as some sub contractors.   LDP redefined the lot with heavy equipment and also placed the septic system in the ground.  The driveway was brought up to grade.  Students finished the exterior window wells, finished hanging the ceiling in the garage, started the exterior drywall on garage walls.  The boys have also been working on hanging the insulation in the ceilings in the house to trap the heat until all ceilings are hung and insulation has been blown in the ceiling.  The stairs are finally on the finish phase .  

 The garage doors are ordered so they can be installed before Christmas as well as exterior walls foamed .  The well will also be drilled before Christmas break.   A lot is moving and the project is coming along very nice.

   This week is the last week of semester 1.  Hard to believe the school year is almost half over.   The boys have been working hard and taking advantage of the weather.   Garage doors have been hung.  The boys worked outside Friday and got a lot of the look outs on the soffit caught up.  We have  about half of the walls drywalled in the garage finished.

   This week we will prepare for the end of the semester. Students have finals as well as finish a few more projects to finish before mompar arrives to foam the exterior walls.

LDP excavating arrived this week and brought the dirt grade and driveway up for propper settlement over winter.  The septic is in and Paulus Well Drilling drilled the well.   Things are moving fast and students are getting ready for Christmas break.


Students have insulated all exterior walls.  Front door is installed.  All first floor ceilings are drywalled.  Most of the exterior walls are drywalled.  Many of the first floor interior walls are drywalled. 

  Week of 18 -23 we will begin framing the fireplace and garden tub.  Students will continue working on main floor drywall.

    Another busy week at the job site for the boys in building trades.  The main floor is about 95 percent finished on the drywall.  The two pocket doors are framed in and the fireplace is ready for installation.   We are waiting on the garden tub and then the main floor drywall will be complete.

     Students unloaded a large load of lumber and drywall today in peperation for the finish of the basement level.  Tuesday the attic insulation is going to be delivered.    Students will blow the final insulation in the attic next week.  



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