Hello 2015-16! Reading in Everybody Reads!

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Hello 2015-16! Reading in Everybody Reads!
On long days students can choose to read whatever they bring in. BUT in Mr. Gibbens class he has a library in his room. :)

Everybody Reads is scheduled for:

Wednesday's and Thursday's from 9:16-9:36 am

This will be at the beginning of 3rd period Wed. and 4th period Thursday.

To better understand why we practice Everybody Reads (see below)

Everybody Reads is :

 Time during the block day to read for enjoyment

 A chance for students to CHOOSE what to read

 An opportunity to read on your own at your own pace

 A relaxing reading break during the school day

Everybody Reads is NOT :

 Homework time

 Texting time

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