Project Lead The Way Info/Video (PLTW)

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Project Lead The Way Info/Video (PLTW)
Project Lead The Way (PLTW) inspires students by engaging them in through hands on learning. With hands on teaching PTLW enables teachers to go more in depth with subject material while giving students the opportunity to apply Math & Science. To stay current with the most up to date teaching tecniques teachers teaching PLTW participate in taking classes each summer strengthing their skills.
Project Lead The Way has teaching tiers for each set of grade levels to ensure students can get the most from the program. These include: "Launch" designed for elementary school grades K-5th, "Gateway" designed for middle school grades 6-8th, and three programs designed for high school students "Engineering" "Biomedical Science" and "Computer Science". Through a students entire school career they can be developing critical skills and knowledge making them highly desirable to the marketplace and colleges.

Please take the time to watch the linked video to better understand Project Lead The Way and see how this program could possibly impact your student.

We respect all ways of teaching through all of our exceptional teachers and are excited to have the opportunity to offer this wonderful program within our schools.

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